The Timberline Review is an all-volunteer literary journal operated by Willamette Writers.

Every issue, our volunteers bring their experience, energy, and passion. We cannot thank them enough.

Here is who is behind Issue Number Seven:

Matthew Swihart — Editor-in-Chief
Kate Ristau — Business Manager
Jill Kelly — Literary Programs Director
Wayne Chapman — Associate Editor-in-Chief
Carmen Hinckley — Graphic Novel/Visual Arts Editor
Stevan Allred — Fiction Editor
Caroline Wilcox Reul — Poetry Editor
Lawrence Powers — Nonfiction Editor
Melissa Gardea — Critical Commentary/Lit Analysis/Craft Editor
Jennifer Zaczek — WORD Copy Editor
Sarah Breeding — WORD Copy Editor
Lezlie Hall — PDF Copy Editor
Phyllis Thompson — PDF Copy Editor
Sue Gano — Reader
Vargus Pike — Reader
Cynthia Herron — Reader