The Timberline Review is an all-volunteer literary journal operated by Willamette Writers.

Every issue, our volunteers bring their experience, energy, and passion. We cannot thank them enough.

Here is who is behind Issue Number Nine:

Maren Bradley Anderson

Executive Director
Kate Ristau

Associate Editor-in-Chief
Rachel Barton

Fiction Editor
Rankin Johnson

Poetry Editor
Erica Gross

Nonfiction Editor
Mohamed Asem

Jennifer Zaczek Kepler
Sarah Breeding
Asela Lee Kemper

Jane Hartway

Mohamed Asem
Louise Barden
Jalyn Gilmore
Asela Lee Kemper
Sarah Lockhart
Don Messerschmidt
John Miller
Mary-Lynn Monroe
Armin Tolentino

Cover Design
Lee Moyer

Interior Design
Vinnie Kinsella, Indigo: Editing, Design, and More