Pushcart Prize Nominees 2016-2017

The following have been nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize, an annual collection of the best writing published in small presses in America.

Family Trees | RICK ATTIG

AT 6,873 FEET, SPANISH PEAK rises above mahogany thickets, wind-bent pines, and a grove of quaking aspens a few dozen miles from the geographic center of Oregon. It’s the 261st highest peak in Oregon and the 14,086th highest in the United States.

Family Trees 

Reflections | A. M. KAEMPF

I INTENDED TO ARRIVE at the art museum precisely at four o’clock, but on my way there I was distracted by the strangest and most upsetting thing I have ever seen: a replica of myself, identical to the very last detail, walking in front of me on the sidewalk.




THE APPLES FROM OUR JONATHAN TREES are bagged up in the shower of the guest bathroom. We keep them there because the temperature is right for ripening and that room goes unused up until the holidays, when the children come back with their families. By that time the apples are usually gone, used up in a furry of your baking and canning.


Why I Didn’t Go to the Firehouse | SOPHFRONIA SCOTT

THE FIREHOUSE IS THE SANDY HOOK VOLUNTEER Fire and Rescue station and it serves my neighborhood here in Newtown, Connecticut. Yes, that Sandy Hook. And yes to the question that I tend to get next: my son Tain did go to school at Sandy Hook Elementary and he was present in his third grade classroom on the morning of December 14, 2012 when a gunman entered the school and took the lives of twenty-six adults and children including one of Tain’s dearest friends, a first-grader named Ben.

Why I Didnt Go to the Firehouse