Poetry: Winter/Spring 2017

Catherine Arra, “Don’t read his poetry before bedtime”

Devon Balwit, “After the Burning,” “Wish Tree”

Kristin Berger, “Late Stage Harvest”

Chris Bullard, “Sheep Rooster,” “X”

Brittney Corrigan, “Fear of Grasshoppers,” “When the Dog Dies”

Elizabeth Crowell, “Seven Year Elegy”

Chris Ellery, “Sparkler”

Alan Feldman, “Someday”

Tim Gillespie, “What Shall I Sing”

Michael Hanner, “2,200 Mies”

Andrea Hollander, “Envy”

Joe McAvoy, “Manzanita (Two Days After)”

Leah Nielsen, “First Postcard from an Abandoned Barn”

Lisa Marie Oliver, “Psychopomp”

Pattie Palmer-Baker, “The Poetry Teacher Insists We Are Not Our Poems”

January Pearson, “Blue”

Julie Price Pinkerton, “Questions for Erma Claiborne”

Tala Abu Rahmeh, “Halab (Aleppo)”

Matthew J. Spireng, “Knowing”

Kim Stafford, “Home Alchemy”

Robert Tremmel, “Your First Time on the Patio at Shoal Creek Saloon”

Cindy Veach, ” In Search Of”

Sally Zakariya, “The Thing About Texas”