Michael Hanner

Michael HannerMICHAEL HANNER is a retired architect whose poems are found in Nimrod, Cloudbank, Mudfish, Rhino, Southern Humanities Review, Gargoyle Magazine, Cascadia Review, and others. He is the author of several chapbooks including The Architecture of Holland, Confessions of Autumn and Avenida Uriburu. His full-length poetry collections are Vivaldi, an autobiography (Tebot Bach, 2013), October (Chandelier Galaxy, 2015) and Adriatica (Chandelier Galaxy, 2016). His often surreal work frequently includes triggers and images from his travels. He has written a highly specialized French guide book, Le Bugue, Périgord & Beyond, under an assumed name, Forbisher Mandangle. He is a member of Red Sofa Poets and Madrona Writers. He loves Toni Hanner. His other interests are gardening, irony, English croquet, French cooking, Argentine tango and photography.